Revelation 1:1-3

1. The Revelation of - "Jesus Christ", which... "God" gave "Him" to show "His" 
    servants what must soon take place.  "He"  made it known by sending 
    "His" Angel to "His" servant "John"

2. who "Testifies" to everything he saw - this is,

    -The "Word of God"-  
    -The "Testimony" of "Jesus Christ"-

3. "Blessed" is the one who "Reads" the 
    "Words" of this "Prophecy", and 
   "Blessed are those who "Hear" it 
    and take to "Heart" what is "Written" 
    in it, because the "Time is Near".

    ~ NIV
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      'Believers' too, are being transformed inwardly by a 'Complete Change of Our                  Mind' (Sanctification), We do this by offering 'Ourselves' up as 'Living Sacrifices'
      to God.  Romans 12:1-2, John 15:20, Galatians 2:20

        Unlike the 'unbelievers' of Seal 6, who are terrified of what it is they have seen ..
     ('The Face of "Him" who sits on the Throne and of the 'Wrath of the Lamb'!)  
     'We as 'Believers' shall see' 'Him' as 'He' Is' and become 'Like "Him" '!  1 John 3:2 

      As 'Co-Heirs' we have been made Holy by "His" Blood and Grace.  Rom 8:17-39 
      Even so..  "He" alone is "Worthy".  "His" 'Name' is "Jesus", and "He" is the 
     "Only 'Begotten Son" of the "Father".  John 3:16-21, Ephesians 2:8-9
This site was published in order to offer a "Literal" representation of Revelation. The explanative entries however will be a life long effort. They will be devoted to explaining scripture with scripture and are a work in process.  You will be able access this FREE CHART, plus other entries as they are added. 

    I believe Revelation not only "Honors" our Lord, but will be a source of understanding concerning these 'Last Days' that will not only bring Salvation, but also a much needed Sanctification to God's Seven Churches.

It provides sequential positioning of the prophecies in the Bible via its visual representation provided by the clear structure of Revelation.
It has timelines, panels, and an Olivet Discourse subsection which allows you to compare scriptures.  This in turn will bring further understanding.
You will find in short order that Revelation is really about 'Good' versus 'Evil' and that it's full usage requires a knowledge of the whole Bible.  Interestingly you don't have to know all the Bible to understand this book.  It already has enough going for it and structure to give you understanding, keep you alert, watchful and hopefully ready as each event unfolds. Has it begun yet (11/2018)?  Well no, but the cycles have been going on since His Ascension.  They are like shadows.. Nothing can happen till God gives His ok.  Tribulation is ever present in the Church of Smyrna & genocide is a reality.  The participants are in place and the enemy has been getting ready, but can do nothing till the Lord allows it..  Thus the Seal openings. We need ought to always pray for our brethren and for the Peace of Jerusalem.  A peace I might add that can only come from God.. not man. Matthew 10:34

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