1. Left Side - read down. This is a Simplified rendering of the Book of Revelation.

2. Middle - read down. Directly corresponds to the 'Left Side'. It Visually shows particular time-line of different participants: 'Evil players'-Wide Road or 'Faithful Believers'-Narrow Road.  Left or right you see the Events that they become participant to.

NOTE: The 'Left Side' are 'one line, segments' read from left to right. The 'Middle' - are continuous 'one line, segments' read from top to bottom. (The 'Middle' shows that the 'Two Witnesses' had been ministering for the last 3 1/2 years. What events did that ministry overlap?) The Chart is designed to show this segment of present and former information based on scripture 'Foot-holds' from the Book of Revelation (Illustrated by the 'Left Side' panel)  and other scripture found in the Bible.

A 'Foothold' is a scripture that ties down a 'time-line' based on the truth of another scripture. 
2 Tim 3:16   Be a Berean concerning these participants beginning points.

The 'Middle' doubles also as a means to depict the last 7 years of an age old battle between the two forces of 'good and evil'. (See Jesus parable of Matthew 7:13)

3. The ‘Right Side’ gives ‘Time-line’ information.

It is a privilege to suffer as the master suffered, and we are called to do so daily in scripture. Rom 12:1-2, Mat. 10:34. It is our daily calling to sanctification, and is our opportunity to say, “Thank You Jesus!  God’s people are being purged and purified and even killed for His Name's sake daily. God promises us that He will be with us always and that He will not allow us to be tempted beyond our control. Trust in the Lord, not your own inabilities and know that you are in good hands ("His" Hands!).

Is Revelation(Rev) in Order? 

Rev 1- 5: An Introduction:
Rev 1    Introduces us to "The Revelation of Jesus Christ", and then presents us with an overview.
Rev 2,3 Is about The Church.
Rev 4    Is about God's Throne being set.
Rev 5    Is about The Scroll that requires a person of unmatched Holiness to open. This person would have to be morally perfect, the complete opposite of sin, which had introduced death and total desolation. This person would have to have been born and lived His life on this earth without ever sinning once. Philippians 2:5-11. Someone who had fulfilled the keeping of the Holy Commandments as required by God's law Matthew 5:17-20. He would be Worthy to bring an end to the reign of evil, the 'Mystery Babylon' system, and "the man of sin". His Victory would show the triumph, and the power of Righteousness over Evil for a mortal man. (Only the Righteous God who became man could do this. His Name is Jesus!)

In Summary: These first five chapters are an overall introduction and have an ordering of their own, different than the Seals.

Rev 4 & 5: The One who is Worthy to 'open' the Seals.
Rev 6 -16:  The Seven Seals Scriptures has clearly defined the Seals numerically. These Chapters are “all” in order. The order is mathematically embedded via the numerical sequencing of Seven Seals. Within the Seventh Seal are Seven Trumpets. Likewise in the Seventh Trumpet are Seven Bowls.

{With this ordering in mind, Rv 12 and 13's “Content” seemed to deviate from the norm. Its two “Signs”(Two “seeds”) are in order, but their content took on a distinctively different form. 
These “Signs” represent a 'Selah', watershed event that takes us all the way back to “sins” first beginning in what once was a Garden of perfect Innocence. There it was that in Genesis 3:15 that God had pronounced Judgment on mans first sin... Since then this yeast (“sin”), had spread through the whole batch of dough. It became a battle between the “Beasts Kingdom” and “God's Kingdom”, and apart from the work of the “Cross”, “Sin” has now reached its final hour. The battle was won at the “Cross”, but God has tarried so that all who would believe in the work of His Son Jesus Christ could be saved. Man kinds cry for “Peace” are about to be realized at long last by God the Father's “Prince” of “Peace”, our Lord and Savior "Jesus Christ"!
 - - -
Rev 12: had begun with a “Great Sign” in heaven: It represents the Jewish Nation getting ready to give Birth to the Savior of the world. The 2nd 'Sign' reflects the battle begun for the life and souls of God's people and for the title deed of the earth. It is the Great Battle of "Good Seed" versus 'Evil seed'.  This chapter is an ordered pageant from distant past, till evils end. It has useful information that overlays, key places within the Seven Seals and beyond.
Rev 13: we see the unholy Trinity of personified evil.
{These two chapters, 12 & 13, are added information (Inserts), and have their own ordering as well.}
Rev 17-20:4-6: Epilogue's (Addendum):
This is simply added information (An Insert) about what has already taken place that applies to Rev 16 and before. We see in these verses the Savior and His Glorious work accomplished, Mystery Babylon destroyed, Satan vanquished for 1000 years, His Bride safe and with Him, and the battle over evil Won!  First at the cross, by His Bride, byHis Chosen remnant and His 2nd Coming which will be at the same location as at His Ascension.
(This concludes the 6th day of 'Grace" Dispensation.  Forth coming will be another short battle at the end of the 'last' Dispensation of a 'Millennium Rest'.  All seven dispensations will show mans utter dependency on our Savior.)  Mark 2:17  
Rev 20:4-7- 22: Epilogue's (Conclusion):
These chapters are also in order and pickup after Rev 16. They conclude the Seven Seals
account and show what is to follow.

Matthew, Mark and Luke also document a series of cycled events similar to the Revelation account of the first six Seals. Don’t miss the parallel ordering of these four Gospel writers and the wealth that comes through their information.

There have been a large amount of cyclical similarities throughout all the generations of His children going through the refining process of persecution. His promise is that He will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear, and, please do remember, He is not the tempter, and that God disciplines the ones He Loves. He is Saviour to all who will receive Him. John 3:35,36, Matthew 10:34-42

The ‘Left Section’ in the upper right hand corner will locate this important addition to the chart. 

Author's Note:  
Like Genesis, so it is that the last Book of the Bible is “in Order”. One of the many blessings of Revelation is the “Structural Integrity” it gives to 1/3 of the Bible’s Prophecies. This book will separate the truth from false commentaries. Once you get the hang of Revelation’s ordering you will now know for example, that the white horse rider of Seal One is not Jesus, but the ‘Nimrod power hungry, deceiving, ‘Angel of Light’, called Antichrist. 

Best of all, you will receive the Seven Blessings of Revelation! (See Below.)

God bless your quest to ‘read’, ‘hear’, and ‘keep’ the Words of this Prophecy so that you might know Him, and receive His exceedingly great Reward. 2 Th 1, Rv 1:3, 22:11, Gn 15:1    
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for the day of battle and war?  24 What is the way to the place where the light is distributed, or where the east wind is scattered upon the earth?