Rev 6:9-11  9 When "He" Opened the "Fifth Seal", I saw under the "Altar the "Souls" (Not "Bodies") of those who had been "Slain for the "Word of God" and for the "Witness they had borne". 10 They "Cried Out" with a "Loud Voice", "O Sovereign Lord", "Holy" and "True", "How Long" before you will "Judge" and "Avenge" "Our Blood" on 'those who dwell on the earth'?" 11 Then they were "Each" 'given' a "White Robe" and told to "Rest" 'a little longer', until.. the "Number of their Fellow Servants" and their "Brothers" should be "Complete", "Who were to be "Killed" as 'they' themselves "Had Been".
Matt 24:21-22    21 For then there will be "Great Tribulation", such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, and never will be.  
22 And if those days had not been "Cut Short", "No Human Being" would be "Saved". But for the sake of the "Elect" Those "Days" will be "Cut Short".

Mark 13:18-20   18 Pray that it may not happen in winter. 19 For in those days there will be "Such Tribulation" as has not been from the "Beginning of the Creation that God created until Now", "And Never Will Be". 20 And if the Lord had not "Cut Short" The "Days", "No Human Being would be "Saved". But for the sake of the "Elect", whom "He" "Chose", "He" "Shortened" the  "Days".

Luke 21:24     They will Fall by the "Edge of the Sword" and be "Led Captive" among all Nations, and Jerusalem will be "Trampled Underfoot by the Gentiles", until the "Times of the Gentiles" are "Fulfilled".

Revelation 12:11-12   And They have 'Conquered' him by the "Blood of the "Lamb" " and by the "Word "of their "Testimony", for they "Loved not" "their lives" even "Unto Death". 
Rev 20:4   4 Then I saw "Thrones", and "Seated on them" were those to whom "The Authority to Judge was Committed". Also I saw the "Souls" of those who had been "Beheaded" for the "Testimony of Jesus" and for the "Word of God", and who 'had not' 'worshiped the beast' or its 'image' and 'had not' 'received its "Mark" on their "Foreheads' or their "Hands". "They came to Life and "Reigned with Christ for a Thousand Years".

Psalm 122:1-5   I was Glad when they said to Me, "Let Us go to the Lord's House". 

And Now We Are Here, Standing Inside the Gates of Jerusalem!
Jerusalem is a City Restored in Beautiful Order & Harmony.  
This is where the Tribes Come, the Tribes of Israel,  to Give Thanks to the Lord 
According to His Command. 

Here the Kings of Israel Sat to Judge their People.
Eze 5:5-17  5 "Thus says the Lord God: This is Jerusalem. I have set Her in the Center of the Nations, with Countries all around Her. 6 And She has Rebelled against My Rules by doing Wickedness more than the Nations, and Against My Statutes More than the Countries all around Her;  for They have Rejected My Rules and have not walked in My Statutes. 7 Therefore thus says the Lord God:  Because You are more Turbulent than the Nations that are all around You, and have Not Walked in My Statutes or Obeyed My rules, and have Not Even Acted According to the Rules of the Nations that are all around You, 8 therefore thus says the Lord God:  Behold, I, even I, Am against You.  And I will Execute Judgments in Your Midst in the Sight of the Nations. 9 And because of all your Abominations I will Do with You what I have Never Yet Done, and the Like of Which I will Never Do Again. 10 Therefore Fathers shall Eat their Sons in Your Midst, and Sons shall Eat their Fathers. And I will Execute Judgments on You, and any of You who Survive I will Scatter to all the Winds. 11 Therefore, as I live, Declares the Lord God, Ssurely, because You have Defiled My Sanctuary with all Your Detestable Things and with all Your Abominations, therefore I Will Withdraw.  My Eye will not Spare, and I will have No Pity. 12  A Third Part of You Shall Die of Plague and be Consumed with Famine in Your midst; a Third Part Shall Fall by the Sword all around You; and a Third Part I will Scatter to all the Winds and will Unsheathe the Sword after Them.

13  "Thus shall My Anger Spend Itself, and I will Vent My Wrath Upon Them and Satisfy Myself. And They Shall Know that I Am the Lord—that I have Spoken in My Jealousy— when I Spend My Wrath Upon Them. 14 Moreover, I will make you a Desolation and an Object of Reproach among the Nations all around You and in the sight of all who pass by. 15 You shall be a Reproach and a Taunt, a Warning and a Horror, to the Nations all around You, when I Execute Judgments on You in Anger and Wrath, and with Furious Rebukes—I Am the Lord, I have Spoken— 16 when I send against You the Deadly Arrows of Famine, Arrows for Destruction, which I will send to Destroy you,  and when I bring More and More Famine Upon You and Break Your Supply of Bread. 17 I will Send Famine and Wild Beasts Against You, and they will Rob You of Your Children.  Pestilence and Blood shall pass through You, and I will bring the Sword Upon You.  I am the Lord;  I Have Spoken."