Colosians 2:15-17
15 [God] disarmed the principalities and powers that were ranged against us and made a bold display and public example of them, in triumphing over them in Him and in it [the cross]. 
16 Therefore let no one sit in judgment on you in matters of food and drink, or with regard to a feast day or a New Moon or a Sabbath. 
17 Such [things] are only the shadow of things that are to come, and they have only a symbolic value. But the reality (the substance, the solid fact of what is foreshadowed, the body of it) belongs to Christ 
Matthew 16:1-4
1 And the Pharisees and Sadducees came, & to Test "Him" they asked him to show them a  "Sign" from Heaven. 
2 "He"answered them, "When it is Evening, you say, 'It will be "Fair Weather", for the Sky is Red.'  3 And in the Morning, 'It will be Stormy Today, for the Sky is Red and Threatening.'  You know how to Interpret the 'Appearance of the 'Sky', but you cannot interpret the "Signs" of the Times".  
4 An Evil and Adulterous Generation seeks for a "Sign", but no "Sign" will be given to it except the "Sign" of Jonah"."
Revelation 1:2-3
 3 Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written in it, for the time is near. 
Revelation (Rev) 1's Four MYSTERIES:
#1 & #2 "Son of Man's":  Right Hands "Angels of the Seven Churches" 
#3 "Israel"
#4 "Babylon"
Rev 1:7  Look, He's Coming with the Clouds, & every Eye will See Him even those 
who Pierced Him; & all the Peoples of the Earth will Mourn because of Him
Rev 1:17-20 17 When I saw "Him", I fell at "His" Feet" as though "Dead". But "He" laid "His" Right Hand" on me, saying, "Fear not, "I Am" the "First" and the "Last", 18 and the "Living One". "I "Died", and behold "I am" Alive" Forevermore", and "I have" the "Keys" of "Death and Hades". 19 "Write" therefore: "The things that you have "Seen". "Those that "Are". And those that are to take place" "After This". 20 As for the "Mystery of the "Seven Stars" that you saw in "My" Right Hand", and the "Seven Golden" Lampstands", the "Seven Stars" are the "Angels" of the Seven Churches", and the "Seven Lampstands" are the "Seven Churches".
Revelation 22:4-5
4 They will see His Face, and His Name will be on Their Foreheads. 5 And Night will be No More. They will need No Light of Lamp or Sun, for the Lord God will be Their Light, and They will Reign Forever and Ever. 
Genesis 3:15
15 I will put Enmity between you and the Woman,
and between your offspring and Her Offspring;
"He "shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise "His Heel."
Luke 24:25-27
25 And "He" said to them, "O foolish ones, and slow of heart to Believe all that the Prophets have Spoken!   26 Was it not necessary that the Christ should Suffer these Things and enter into "His" Glory?"  27 And Beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, "He" Interpreted to Them in All the Scriptures the Things Concerning "Hmself".

Amos 3:7
7 "For the Lord God does nothing without Revealing "His" Secret

John 4:25-26
When "He" Comes, "He" will tell Us All Things." 26 Jesus said to Her, "I who Speak to You Am "He"."

Revelation 22:6   "He" said to Me, these "Words" are 'Trustworthy' and 'True', and the "Lord", the "God" of the "Spirits" of the Prophets", has sent "His" 'Angel' to show His 'Servants' what must Soon Take Place, and Behold, "I am" Coming Soon".  Blessed is the One who Keeps the "Words" of the "Prophecy" of this "Book".
2 Peter 1    "Prophetic "Word"... a Lamp Shining in a Dark Place until the Day Dawns and the Morning Star Rises in Your Hearts...  No "Prophecy" of Scripture" comes from someone's own interpretation or was ever produced by the Will of man but "Holy Men" of "God" "Spoke" as they were moved by the "Holy Spirit"

Deuteronomy 33:2-3 The Lord came from Mt Sinai; He Rose like the Sun over Edom and Shone on His People from Mount Paran. Ten Thousand Angels were with Him, a Flaming Fire at His Right Hand.
The Lord Loves His People and Protects those who belong to Him. 
So We Bow at His Feet and Obey His Commands.
    Daniel 2:40-45 40 And there shall be a Fourth Kingdom, Strong as Iron, because Iron Breaks to pieces and shatters all things. And like Iron that Crushes, it shall Break and Crush all these.  41 And as You saw the Feet and Toes, partly of Potter's Clay and partly of Iron, it shall be a Divided Kingdom, but some of the Firmness of Iron shall be in it,  just as you saw Iron mixed with the Soft Clay. 42 And as the Toes of the Feet were partly Iron and partly Clay, so the Kingdom shall be partly Strong and partly Brittle. 43 As You saw the Iron mixed with Soft Clay,  so they will mix with one another in Marriage, but they will not hold together,  just as Iron does not mix with Clay. 
    44 And in the Days of those Kings the God of Heaven will Set up a Kingdom that shall Never be Destroyed, nor shall the Kingdom be left to another People. It shall break in pieces all these Kingdoms and bring them to an "End", and it shall Stand "Forever", 45 just as You saw that a Stone was Cut from a Mountain by No 'Human Hand', and that it Broke in pieces the Iron, the Bronze, the Clay, the Silver, and the Gold.  A Great God has Made Known to the King what shall be after This.  The Dream is Certain,  and its Interpretation "Sure".
Through the "Gospel",  the Gentiles are Heirs with Israel
Daniel 2:44's Mystery is Accomplished (Revelation 10:7, Ephesian 3:6) :