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Jn 17:20 I do not ask 4 these only (Messianic Jews), but also 4 those who will Believe in Me through their Word, that they (Jew, Christian & Gentile) may all b 1, just as U, Father, R in Me, & I in U, that they also may b in Us, so that the World may Believe that U have sent Me
Matthew 24:7b-8
7b  And there will be "Famines" and "Earthquakes" in Various Places.    8   All these are but the "Beginning" of the "Birth Pains".

Mark 13:8b
8b  There will be "Earthquakes" in Various Places; there will be "Famines".  These are but the  "Beginning" of the "Birth Pains". 

Lk 21:11a
11a There will be "Great Earthquakes", and in Various Places  "Famines".

Rv 6:5-6   When "He" "Openedthe 'Third' Seal, I Heard the 'Third' "Living Creature" say, "Come!" And I looked, and Behold, a "Black Horse"!  And its "Rider" had a 'Pair of 'Scales' in 'his' hand'.  And I heard what seemed to be a "Voice" in the Midst of the "Four "Living Creatures", saying, "A 'Quart of Wheat' for a 'Denarius', and 'Three Quarts of Barley' for a 'Denarius', and "Do Not" harm the "Oil and Wine"!"