Rev 20:4   4 Then I saw "Thrones", and "Seated on them" were those to whom "The Authority to Judge was Committed". Also I saw the "Souls" of those who had been "Beheaded" for the "Testimony of Jesus" and for the "Word of God", and who 'had not' 'worshiped the beast' or its 'image' and 'had not' 'received its "Mark" on their "Foreheads' or their "Hands". "They came to Life and "Reigned with Christ for a Thousand Years".
Rev 6:7-8   7 When "He" Opened the "Fourth Seal", I heard the "VOICE" of the "FOURTH "LIVING CREATURE" say, "COME!"  8 And I "Looked", and "BEHOLD", a "Pale Horse"!  And 'its' Rider's 'NAME' was "DEATH", and "HADES" followed 'him'.  And "They were "Given "Authority" over 
"A Fourth" of the "Earth", to "Kill" with "SWORD" and with "FAMINE" and with "PESTILENCE" and by "WILD BEASTS" of the "Earth".
Matt 24:15-20    15 "So when you see the "ABOMINATION of DESOLATION" 
 "Spoken of by the Prophet Daniel", "STANDING" IN THE "HOLY PLACE" ( Let the Reader Understand), 16 then let those who are in "Judea", "Flee" to the "Mountains".   17 Let the one who is on the "Housetop" "Not" 'go down' to 'take' what is in 'his house',   18 and let the one who is "In the "Field" "Not" "turn back" to take his Cloak.   19 And alas for "Women" who are "Pregnant" and for those who are "Nursing Infants" in "Those Days"!   20 Pray that your 'Flight' may not be in "Winter" or on a "Sabbath".

Mark 13:9-16   9 "But be "On Your Guard".  For they will 'deliver' you over to "Councils", and you will be 'beaten' in "Synagogues", and you will 'Stand' before "Governors" and "Kings" "For My Sake", to bear "Witness" before them. 10 And the "Gospel" must "First" be "Proclaimed to all Nations".  11 And when they bring you to 'Trial' and 'Deliver you Over', "Do Not" be "Anxious" beforehand" what you are to say, "but say" Whatever is "Given you" in "That Hour", for "it is "not you" who "speak", but the "Holy Spirit".  12 And "brother" will 'deliver' "brother" over to "death", and the "father" his "child", and "children" will 'rise against' "parents" and have them put to "death". 13 And you will be "hated" by "all" for "My" "Name's" Sake". But "the "One" who "Endures" to the "End" will be "Saved". 
4 "But when you "See" the "ABOMINATION of DESOLATION" "STANDING" 
Where it "OUGHT "NOT TO BE" (Let the Reader Understand)then let those who are in "Judea", "Flee to the Mountains".  15 Let the one who is on the "Housetop" "Not"
 'go down', nor enter 'his house', to take anything out, 16 and let the one who is in the "Field" "Not" "turn back" to take his Cloak.

Luke 21:12-23   12 But "Before all this" they will "Lay their Hands" on you and "Persecute" you, 'Delivering you Up' to the "Synagogues" and "Prisons", and you will be brought before "Kings" and "Governors" "For "My" "Name's" Sake".  13  This will be your "Opportunity" to bear "Witness".  14 Settle it therefore in your minds "Not To" "Meditate" beforehand "How to Answer", 15 "For I will give you a "Mouth" and "Wisdom", which 'none of your adversaries' will be able to 'withstand' or 'contradict'.  16 You will be "Delivered up" even by "parents" and "brothers" and "relatives" and "friends", and some of you they will put to "death". 17 You will be "hated" by all "For my name's sake".  18 But not a "Hair" of your 'head' will "Perish".  19 By your "Endurance you will "Gain your Lives". 
20 "But when you see "JERUSALEM" SURROUNDED by ARMIES, then know that its "DESOLATION" has come "Near".  21 Then let those who are in "Judea"
 "Flee to the Mountains", and let those who are "Inside the City" 'depart', and "Let Not" those who are "Out in the Country" enter it,   22 "For These Are "Days" of "Vengeance", to "Fulfill" "All that is Written".  23 Alas for "Women" who are "Pregnant" and for those who are "Nursing" "Infants" in "Those Days"! For there will be "GREAT DISTRESS" upon the "Earth" and "Wrath" "Against" this "People".
Matt 4:8    The Devil took him to a very "High Mountain" and showed him all the 
Kingdoms of the "World" and their "Glory" and he said to "Him":
All these I will give "You" "If "You" will 'Fall Down' & 'Worship' "me".
Then Jesus said to him.   "Be gone Satan for it is Written:
You shall "Worship" the "Lord your "God" and "Him" only shall you "Serve".
Matt 20:20-28    20 Then the Mother of the "Sons of Zebedee" came up to "Him" with 'Her Sons', and "Kneeling' before "Him" she asked "Him" for something. 21 And "He" said to "Her", "What do you want"?" "She" said to "Him", "Say" that these "Two Sons" of 'mine' are to "Sit", 'One' at "Your "Right Hand" and 'One' at "Your Left", in "Your" "Kingdom."     22 "Jesus" answered, "You 'Do Not' know what you are asking".  Are you able to "Drink the Cup" that "I Am" to "Drink"?" They said to "Him", "We Are Able." 23 "He" said to them, "You "Will "Drink "My Cup", but to "Sit" at "My Right Hand" and at "My Left" is not "Mine to Grant",  but it is for those "For whom it has been Prepared" by "My Father"." 24 And when "The Ten" heard it, they were "Indignant at the "Two Brothers". 25 But "Jesus" called them to "Him" and said, "You know that the "Rulers of the Gentiles" "Lord" it "Over Them", and their "Great Ones" Exercise "Authority" "Over them". 26 "It Shall Not Be So Among You".  But whoever would be "Great Among You Must Be Your "servant", 27 and whoever would be "First Among You" must be "Your" 'slave', 28 even as the "Son of Man" came 'Not To',
"Be Served" but to "serve", and to "Give "His" "Life" as a "Ransom" for "Many"." 
2 Cor 10:3-5    3  For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does.         4  The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world.   On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.   5  We demolish arguments and every pretension 
that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to 
make it obedient to Christ. 
The Man of Lawlessness
2 Thess 2:1-12
2 Now concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, we ask you, brothers, 2 not to be quickly shaken in mind or alarmed, either by a spirit or a spoken word, or a letter seeming to be from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. 3 Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, 4 who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God. 5 Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you these things? 6 And you know what is restraining him now so that he may be revealed in his time. 7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. Only he who now restrains it will do so until he is out of the way. 8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will kill with the breath of his mouth and bring to nothing by the appearance of his coming. 9 The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, 10 and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, 12 in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.   ESV
Mt 23:37-39  "Jerusalem, Jerusalem! The City who Kills the Prophets and Stones those who are sent to Her.  How often I wanted to gather Your Children together, as a Hen gathers Her Chicks under Her Wings, yet You were Not Willing! See Your House is left to You Desolate. For I tell You, You will never see Me again until You say, "Blessed is He who Comes in the Name of the Lord!" 
1 Cor 16:13-14    Be alert, stand firm in the faith, be brave and strong.   Your every action must be done with love.
Eze 5:5-17  5 "Thus says the Lord God: This is Jerusalem. I have set Her in the Center of the Nations, with Countries all around Her. 6 And She has Rebelled against My Rules by doing Wickedness more than the Nations, and Against My Statutes More than the Countries all around Her;  for They have Rejected My Rules and have not walked in My Statutes. 7 Therefore thus says the Lord God:  Because You are more Turbulent than the Nations that are all around You, and have Not Walked in My Statutes or Obeyed My rules, and have Not Even Acted According to the Rules of the Nations that are all around You, 8 therefore thus says the Lord God:  Behold, I, even I, Am against You.  And I will Execute Judgments in Your Midst in the Sight of the Nations. 9 And because of all your Abominations I will Do with You what I have Never Yet Done, and the Like of Which I will Never Do Again. 10 Therefore Fathers shall Eat their Sons in Your Midst, and Sons shall Eat their Fathers. And I will Execute Judgments on You, and any of You who Survive I will Scatter to all the Winds. 11 Therefore, as I live, Declares the Lord God, Ssurely, because You have Defiled My Sanctuary with all Your Detestable Things and with all Your Abominations, therefore I Will Withdraw.  My Eye will not Spare, and I will have No Pity. 12  A Third Part of You Shall Die of Plague and be Consumed with Famine in Your midst; a Third Part Shall Fall by the Sword all around You; and a Third Part I will Scatter to all the Winds and will Unsheathe the Sword after Them.

13  "Thus shall My Anger Spend Itself, and I will Vent My Wrath Upon Them and Satisfy Myself. And They Shall Know that I Am the Lord—that I have Spoken in My Jealousy— when I Spend My Wrath Upon Them. 14 Moreover, I will make you a Desolation and an Object of Reproach among the Nations all around You and in the sight of all who pass by. 15 You shall be a Reproach and a Taunt, a Warning and a Horror, to the Nations all around You, when I Execute Judgments on You in Anger and Wrath, and with Furious Rebukes—I Am the Lord, I have Spoken— 16 when I send against You the Deadly Arrows of Famine, Arrows for Destruction, which I will send to Destroy you,  and when I bring More and More Famine Upon You and Break Your Supply of Bread. 17 I will Send Famine and Wild Beasts Against You, and they will Rob You of Your Children.  Pestilence and Blood shall pass through You, and I will bring the Sword Upon You.  I am the Lord;  I Have Spoken." 
Psalm 122:1-5   I was Glad when they said to Me, "Let Us go to the Lord's House". 

And Now We Are Here, Standing Inside the Gates of Jerusalem!
Jerusalem is a City Restored in Beautiful Order & Harmony.  
This is where the Tribes Come, the Tribes of Israel,  to Give Thanks to the Lord 
According to His Command. 

Here the Kings of Israel Sat to Judge their People.