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The chart was created for the following 

1. To 'See Visually' the 'Chronological Order' of Revelation.

2. To 'Show' this Synchronization in its respective Groupings. *

3. To 'Simplify', the Understanding of Revelation through a 'One Page Visual'. 

4. To 'Provide' a 'Tool for Evangelical Work' that can be easily transported.

5. To 'Expose' the works of the Devil.

6. To 'Help Us' to 'GET READY'. Isa 57:1-2, Mt 24:44

7. To 'Honor and Glorify "JESUS Christ" who is the 'Only Begotten Son' of the 'Father'.  
     Fully 'God' and fully 'Man'. **                                            

8. To 'Separate' His 'Truth' from the 'lies'. ***  

(Watch out for the flak of men's opinion apart from the Word of Truth.  This brings confusion, and confusion brings error.  Rather study the "Word", and use 'Commentaries' that refer to and match Scripture.  Even some of the the Bibles are being perverted.  Being a Berean has never been more important.  Matthew 15:8-9, 2Tim 3:16, Heb 4:12)

The Seals, Chapter, Verse, Four Horses, Martyrdom, Cosmic Disturbance, 144,000, Gathering, God's Wrath, Woes, Deed, Mystery, 2 Witnesses, Beginning of Jesus Reign in Heaven with Judgment, Selah, 144,000 taken into Heaven, Midair Warnings, Two Harvests, Bowls Completed Wrath, Jesus 2nd Coming to Earth, Five Addendums, Satan Locked in Abyss, Reign of Christ with His Saints on Earth for 1000 Years, Satan's Short Release, White Throne Judgment, New Creation & New Jerusalem, "It is DONE", 'LIFE SOURCE', 'FREE GIFT' and the Cry of His People..
 Amen!  Come, "LORD JESUS" !  (Hosea 2:18-23, Rev 19:7) 

**  Jesus, having left Heaven and all its 'Glory' had voluntarily come down to Earth's dominion whose ownership had been transferred from God's 'Dominion', of Paradise' Genesis 3:15, Philippians 2:6-11, to Satan's (Lucifer's) 'dominion', of 'bondage', 'destruction' & 'Death'.  
       This transfer of 'Dominion' was possible because God and "His" People & Heaven are totally 'Good'(Holy).  If it were not so then 'Heaven' itself would suffer the same ravages that took place after the '1st Adam had sinned that 'first' sin.(James 2:10)  God's first angelic creation, 'Lucifer' had  first 'sinned' and therefore had legal ownership to all that is 'Evil'. "The servant is not greater than the 'master'. This dubious honor became the inheritance of all mankind, because we had 'all' acquired the same corrupted 'DNA' of fallen man by way of birth.  
  But the 2nd Adam. Our Lord Jesus Christ, was Divine and "He" had another "DNA".  A Spiritually uncorrupted (Divine) "DNA" from Everlasting to Everlasting.  There is no other God.  No one is like "Him", and no other God has survived 'Death' to be risen from the grave.  His Victory was made accessible to 'Fallen Man' by the 'Way of the Cross' of Grace through Faith.  This "Salvation" is the "Work of Jesus Christ" and "His" Death on a tree (The Cross) Eph 2:8-9 (See Psalm 22 & Isaiah 53)
  'This 'Work' of God demonstrated to all who would 'Believe', a 'look see' of the invisible, unseen 'God'.  God was no longer abstract, or distant, but personal and available to all humanity.  For the first time all creation would be able to see the image of the unseen God..  See "His" Immeasurable Holiness and Love for them and "His" Creation. 
From birth to death "God the Father's" "Son" demonstrated a life of 'Purity' and 'Holiness' despite rejection and despisement and even death. "His" life was culminated with 'His' 'Victorious' 'Resurrection' from 'Death'.  This was a horrid death causing separation from His "Father" as "He" took on 'our' sin' at the cross of Calvary.  He had become 'Sin' for our sake, and in obedience to "His" "Father" who had 'Loved us so much as to have "His" "Loved" "Son" die for us.  (John 3:16 "For God so Love the world that "He" gave "His" "only" Begotten "Son" that whosoever should believe in "Him" should not perish, but have everlasting life..) The cross strangely enough was and is "His" and our Victory over 'Sin'. "He" who knew no sin, became 'sin'. (Yours and mine.) (Scripture says that, anyone who dies on a tree is cursed.)  By Jesus selfless "Love", and being 'Fully' God-Man.  "He" was able to regain 'Dominion' by being victorious over 'sins' power, thus showing that 'Good' is more powerful than 'Evil'... even unto death.  And because Jesus 'is' "God".. 'Death' could not hold "Him", though "He" lived as we live.. as a 'mortal man' and was tempted as we are tempted. and suffered as we suffer.. yet sinned not. Consequently, we who 'Believe' are washed by "His" "Blood" and made 'White as Snow'.  
  "He" is our Glorious Hope and 'Soon' we will be transformed into "His" "Likeness" to be 'one' with "Him" forever.  Positionally we already are. Eph 2:4-6  together in "Him" and we have become a 'Family of Believers' called to be 'His' 'Church', the 'Body of Christ' or 'His' 'Bride'. Eph 2:19-22 (See Eph 5) 
  This then 'is' 'The' 'Revelation' of 'Jesus Christ'. 

(Note: This may be "The" "Revelation", but it is not the 'only' "Revelation". This Book will 'Display the 'Wonderment' of our God in all '"His" "Awesome" '"Worthiness and "Authority" to receive "All" "Power", "Glory", "Honor", "Praise" and "Victory" over 'Evil', and "His" many "Conquests" as "Lord of lords and King of kings". 
    This Great Book is more than anyone can imagine.  It is the framework, and the structure for most all Bible Prophecy that looks forward to His 1st & 2nd Coming to Earth' to save His People.  He "Finished "His" Task" at the Cross and Comes back a second time to receive "His Harvest" and execute Judgment .  You who 'Love' "Him" are not yet being "Judged'.  You are being 'pruned' and 'tested'.  Deuteronomy 8.  He disciplines the ones "He" "Loves".  "He" is our "Exceedingly  Great Reward".  Are You Ready?  God Bless your Bridal Preparations and your coming 'Eternal Destiny'.  Will you "Shine before "Him" or be "Shamed"? Luke 12:42-56.  Your present life time is your once in a lifetime opportunity to say, "Thank You "Father, and Son".  Our works are as 'filthy rags'.  The only thing that counts for you and I is, "Faith expressed in "His" "Love".  We thank "Him" then by the "Blood of the Lamb" and by the "Holy Spirit" given to us at our conversion. 1 Corinthians 6:19   We thank "Him" 'Now' because 'Now' is the only time we will have the 'opportunity' to walk as "He" walked.. to walk in "His" footsteps.  In this are we are able to 'Thank "Him", because only "He" it is, that has "Saved" us.  To "Him" belongs all "Glory", "Praise" and "Honor", "Forever" and "Forever"!  "Amen" and "Amen".

*** JESUS warns us four times in His Olivet Discourse to not be 'deceived'. I think that we tend to think that warning belongs to the other guy. But no.. He is speaking directly to you and I and the only way to escape this deceit is through the reading of His Word.  For He 'is' the 'Word'.. "He" is our only "Benchmark" as Bereans to 'His" 'Truth' in a world full of lies & deceit.  To not know Him is to bring His Vengeance upon us. 2 Thessalonians 1, 

What's the Point?  What is Important?:
John 3:18
He that Believeth on Him is Not Condemned: but he that Believeth Not is Condemned already because he hath Not Believed in the Name of the Only Begotten "Son of God". And this is the Condemnation, that Light is Come Into the World, & Men Loved Darkness rather than Light...