Is Revelation (Rv) in Order?

Here's a look at how the book of Revelation plays out sequentially...
Rv 1 thru 5: An Introduction:

Rv 1: Introduces us to "The Revelation of Jesus Christ", and then presents us with an overview.

Rv 2 & 3: Is about 'The Church'.

Rv 4: Is about 'God's Throne' being set.

Rv 5: Is about 'The Scroll' that requires a person of unmatched Holiness to open. This person would have to be Morally Perfect, the complete opposite of sin, which had introduced death and total desolation. This person would have to have been born and lived His life on this earth without ever sinning once. Philippians 2:5-11. Someone who had fulfilled the keeping of the Holy Commandments as required by God's law Matthew 5:17-20. He would be Worthy to bring an end to the reign of evil, the 'Mystery Babylon' system, and "the man of sin". His Victory would show the triumph, and the power of Righteousness over Evil for a mortal man. (Only the Righteous God who became Man could do this. His Name is "Jesus"!)

In Summary: These first five chapters are an overall introduction and consequently have an ordering of their own.

Rv 4 & 5: 'Introduce the Seals'.
Rv 6 thru 16: 'The Seven Seals':
 Scripture has clearly defined the Seals "Numerically". These chapters are “all” in order. The order is mathematically embedded via the Numerical Sequencing of Seven Seals. Within the Seventh Seal are Seven Trumpets.  Likewise in the Seventh Trumpet are Seven Bowls.

{With this ordering in mind, Rv 12 &13's “content” seems to have deviated from the norm. Its "Two “Signs” are the "Two “Seeds” and represent the conflict of 'Good' over 'Evil'. The struggle between 'Light' & ''Darkness'.  The "Signs" are in order, but there content take on a distinctively different form.} 
These “Signs” represent a 'Selah', historical event that takes us all the way back to “Sins” first beginning in what once was a Garden of 'Perfect Peace and Innocence'.  There it was in Genesis 3:15 that God had pronounced Judgment on mans 'First' sin...  This yeast (“Sin”), had spread through the whole batch of dough (The Hearts of Man).  Evil versus Good became a battle between the “Beasts Kingdom” and “God's Kingdom”, and apart from the work of the “Cross”, “Sin” would have won in this 'Final Hour'.  But 'No', the battle was won at the “Cross" by the will of the Father and the obedience of "His" only "Begotten "Son" for all those who by "Faith" (Called "Believers") would acknowledge "His” Work, "His" Victory, "His" Resurrection, and Ascension. Isaiah 53, Colossians 2:15-17
God has 'tarried' so that all who would believe in the "Work" of "His" Son "Jesus Christ" could be "Saved", Past, Present & Future..  To "Destroy the Works of the Devil", and to complete "His" Covenant with Israel.
Mankind's cry for “Peace” is about to be realized at long last, but not.. till the completion of Daniels 70th Week.. this will be the Final Hour.  This is the "Last".. the "Final" Week of 70 Weeks.  This is the "Day of God's Wrath and Vengeance" toward "sin'. It will be short.. "He" does not take pleasure in the 'death of the wicked'..  It is.. "Jesus"..  "2nd Coming"!!!
"Peace" had not been won by mans effort, but by the prayers of "His" Saints through "Jesus Christ". They were empowered by the "Holy Spirit" and "God the Father's" “Prince” of “Peace”, our "Lord and Saviour" "Jesus Christ"!  

(Seal 1 is perhaps the "Ultimate Lie" that man can achieve "Peace" apart from God.  Incredible Delusion.  This 'false peacemaker' unbeknownst to mankind is the "Deceiver".. the Antichrist inhabited by Satan.. both of which are created beings.. not God.  Those rejecting "Jesus" like Israel did at "Jesus" First Coming will gladly receive this 'antichrist imposter', 'his' 'signs' and 'lying wonders'.  This and all the lies previous will bring mankind face to face with the 'Father of Lies'  We see 'him' clearly in the 'Fourth Seal'.  This Seal 4 is actually the first woe as described in Rv 12:12.  The internal content of Rv 12 & 13 wind up being extra information for the understanding of Revelation when used in context with scripture. Be a Berean. Know His Word, pray and use the Bible as your benchmark. 
 - - -
 - Rv 12 had begun with a “Great Sign” in heaven: It represents the Jewish nation getting ready to give birth to the Saviour of the world. The "2nd Sign" reflects the battle begun for the life and souls of God's people and for the 'Title Deed' of the earth. It is the "Great Battle of Good Seed versus Evil Seed".  This chapter is an ordered pageant from distant past, till evils end. It has useful information that overlays, key places within the Seven Seals and beyond.

- In Rv 13 we see the unholy Trinity of personified evil.  - These two chapters are added information (Inserts), and have their own internal unique ordering that is separate from the Seals.

Rv 17 thru 20:3: Epilogue's (Addendum):
This is simply added information (An Insert) about what has already taken place that applies to Rv16 and before.  We see in these verses the Saviour and His Glorious work accomplish-ed, Mystery Babylon destroyed, Satan vanquished for 1000 years, His Bride and Israel safe with Him, and the battle over evil Won!

Rv 20:4 thru Rv 22 Epilogue's (Conclusion):
These chapters are in order and pickup after "Rv16's "Addendum",  (Rv 17 through Rv 20:3). "

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